NVCG Bush Break Program

NVCG Preliminary Program

Day 1 – 12 August 2024
Game Drive/leisure
9:00Registration and Welcome
9:30Animal wellbeing and species conservation through a corporate lensMark Penning
10:15Making the Cancer DiagnosisPaul Woods & Dr Noel Moens
11:45Managing the Cancer PatientPaul Woods & Dr Noel Moens
12:45Practical Approach to the Management of Osteosarcoma in Dogs and CatsProf. Paul Woods
13:30LunchDr. Noel Moens
14:30Amputation: surgical technique to minimize morbidityDr. Noel Moens
15:15Patellar luxation: How to improve outcomesDr. Noel Moens
16:00Surgical vs Non-surgical treatment of pelvic fracturesDr. Noel Moens
17:30Tea and close day 1
19:00Boma Braai
Day 2 – 13 August 2024
7:00Game Drive/leisure
9:00Sponsor Lecture
9:30Tips and tricks for Extracapsular Cruciate repair (TBC)Dr. Noel Moens
10:15Fractures that should not be missed…Dr. Noel Moens
11:30Pre and post operative radiographic evaluation of fracture repair.Dr. Noel Moens
12:15Practical Approach to the Management of Mast Cell Tumours in Dogs and CatsProf. Paul Woods
14:00Practical Approach to the Management of Lymphoma in Dogs and CatsProf. Paul Woods
14:45Less May Be More: Metronomic (Low Dose Continuous) ChemotherapyProf. Paul Woods
16:15Tea and close day 2