Below you can view all active webinars that can be accessed and is valid for CPD

Upcoming events can be found on the calendar below


SAVA Johannesburg Branch Webinar Series 2020 From  May 2020 (Paid and Free)
Phibro Webinar Series (Free) Poultry & Aqua From March 2020 (Free)
Wildlife Pharmaceuticals Webinar Series From 30 September 2020 (Free)
RuVASA Online Conference 2020 Ongoing (Paid)
Boehringer Vaxxitek Series Ongoing (Free)
SAEVA Webinar Series Ongoing (Free)
Virbac Dental Series 2020 Ongoing (Free)


Vet360 Webinars (Paid and free content) Ongoing
Modern Wound Management brought to you by KahmaVet 8 July 2020 (Free)
Recuperation From A to Z Brought to you by Virbac 16 July 2020 (Free)
Our Strategic Direction for Parasite Control in Adult Dairy Cows On Pasture brought to you by CEVA 6 August 2020 (Free)
Forceris Product launch brought to you by CEVA 28 May 2020 (Free)
Multisomini launch 20 October 2020 (Free)
Dr Marietjie Venter, West Nile Ongoing (Free)



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