What we offer

We use different systems to create unique environments depending on your needs.
Also, by adding a landing page you get a branded environment that you can utilise up to 1 year post-event – getting you more exposure

Product Launch, Webinar Series, Discussion Forums, Panel Discussions, Product Training

We offer technical and creative support to create engaging content with either pre-recorded or live-streamed events.

  1. Preparing your virtual venue – Branded event landing page
    We purchase a domain to give your virtual event a home online, such as www.ConferenceName2020.co.za
    Your virtual event is hosted on a local South African dedicated premium server that is able to meet your required traffic demand.
  2. Speakers
    We schedule and onboard speakers for your event. Our team is experienced in engaging with speakers and assisting them to adapt to providing talks either virtually or in-studio
  3. Seamless registration and login
    Branded Sign up pages are created. Guests are sent an invite to the virtual event and navigate to the website to register to attend the virtual event. Guests get emailed their login details and any reminders, save the dates, virtual conference packs, agenda, speaker profiles, etc.
  4. Marketing
    We leverage various media channels for optimum visibility of your event. Our one-stop service offers quality creative and effective marketing video production to leverage your exposure in the same medium. Full database of South African veterinarians and veterinary nurses.
  5. Support during live event
    Trained staff members would support speakers and participants inside the event. We offer a live support desk during and before your event.
  6. CPD Management
    CPD application and certification can be included. Find out how to bump up your CPD accreditation for a webinar to 2-3 points
  7. Analytics
    When your virtual event is over, you’ll have a comprehensive view of all your events and the right data to understand the impact and ROI of your full events program.
    Thank you emailers are sent out with a survey form or attendees are asked to complete survey forms at the end of the event. The client is supplied with an event report.

Advanced Virtual Event


  • Sponsor Networking rooms for attendees and sponsor interaction
  • Virtual Lounge for breakout sessions and general attendee interaction. Tables can be branded by Sponsors
  • Question and Answer
  • Polls
  • Chat
  • Raise hand to speak
  • Customised “lobby“ area to greet the attendees as they join the event
  • Virtual booth that you can use to expand on a product you are selling

Platforms that we use:

Airmeet (Multiday Virtual Conference)




Hopin (Launches and Virtual Events of 3+ hours)


Hybrid Events (Event Application)

  • Sponsors push notifications to attendees to keep them informed about sponsor services and products
  • Networking with attendees through the App
  • Question and Answer
  • Polls
  • Chat
  • Raise hand to speak (Depending on live platform)
  • Rate and upvote talks
  • Newsfeed with images, text and hyperlinks to redirect attendees to a website or page.
  • Formatted texts, links, pictures or GIFs. Attendees can rate each post
  • Analytics available to evaluate your event in real time. User statistics and session insights
  • Giveaways


In Person  Events

Vetlink CC is a member of the Southern African Association for the Congress Industry (SAACI)

Hybrid Events: Live Event with Live stream to online audience
Livestreamed events offers the following addtional opportunities to sponsors: Push Notification to attendees in the room and virtuals, PDF document distribution, Notiications of Special offers, Video clip inserts during tea and lunch breaks.

Hybrid Streaming Services inclusive of:
User App, Audience Engagement (Q&A & Polling), Branded Graphics, Recording, Client Support, Stage Lighting, Audio.

Excluding: Sound Engineer and Livestream engineer

  1. Marketing
    Leverage various media channels for optimum visibility of your event. Our one stop service offering quality, creative, and effective marketing video production to leverage your exposure.
  2. In event support
    Management of all logistics during the event, organisation. Support speakers and participants inside the event.
  3. Speaker engagement
    Liaison with speakers and organisation of the travel and accommodation. Organisation of CPD accreditation
  4. Turnkey solution
    We use an online registration system to process registrations, send RSVP confirmation, manage payments and drive attendance
  5. Event Creation and Distribution
    Full project management, including communication, graphic design, financial management and sponsor management
  6. Analytics
    When your event is over, sponsors receive a list of all attendees.

Sponsorship Options (Live Event)
Exhibitor, Registration, Session, Speaker, Function, Inserts

Sponsor Hybrid & Event App
Become the main sponsor of the event app and hybrid part of any of the events below. Contact us for more information


Digital Marketing

We are achieving open rates of up to 48%, industry vertical medians show that the Medical and Heatlhcare sector are outperforming other industries at 26,93%.

Open rates are generally lower for more frequent or daily senders – we achieve high open rates – we do not send more than 4 messages a month, linked with useful information for veterinarians eg continued professional development opportunities

  1. Email
    2600 verified email addresses
    POPI compliant, with large scale sending infrastructure to ensure the best delivery rates
    Combine the power and visual impact of an email with the ability to reach your contacts anywhere that SMS’s give you by including a link to a landing page that renders like the online version of an email. You can also track which contacts read this email.
    R4300 per bulk email
  2. SMS
    1 800 cellphone numbers
    Bulk sms with 160 Characters – linked to content e.g. website, PDF document, e-mag or video
    R1100 (landing page: R525)
  3. Vetlink/Vet360 Website
    1300 visitors a month
    Leaderboard (728px X 90px) – R1 000 per month
    Wide Skyscraper (160px X 600px) – R1 100 per month



The magazines offer practical advice and cutting-edge medical information to the busy veterinary practitioner.
Vet360 and the Review magazine are the only printed format magazines for the South African veterinary professionals
Equine Health Update and Hooo Hooo are published on behalf of the Groups and in digital format

Vet360 readers are veterinarians and associated professionals from rural, suburban, and city locations.
They represent companion, mixed, and large animal practices, educational
institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and veterinary wholesalers. Your products and services will hit your target market – the decision-makers and buyers in veterinary businesses

Editor: Dr. Liesel van der Merwe
Bookings through Agriconnect

The Livestock Health and Production Review is targeted at veterinarians and other professionals dealing with production animals. Readers are in academia, private practice and laboratories.

Editor: Dr. Mark Chimes
Bookings through Agriconnect

Equine Health Update readers is Members of the South African Equine Veterinary Association. Distributed ELECTRONICALLY to 200 members, on a quarterly basis

Editor: Dr. Johhny Cave
Bookings through Vetlink

Hooo- Hooo readers is Members of the Wildlife Group of the SAVA. Distributed ELECTRONICALLY to 200 members, on a quarterly basis

Editor: Dr. Jenny Hewlett
Bookings through Vetlink


Additional Services

  1. Social Media Management
    Your social media will be managed by a dedicated professional.
    First, we create your content strategy in consultation with you. We would then create content in line with your brand guidelines and publish that content on your social outlets.
    In case you don’t have any of the identified channels, we will create a page from scratch! We’ll run social media campaigns on any of the following Social Platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, to increase your user base and keep them sticky!
    Periodically we will review the content strategy, analyse data points, and make required changes.
  2. CPD Management
    Vetlink is an accredited CPD supplier and would assist you to register and manage and maintain the CPD of attendees who attend your CPD events. Charged per person.
  3. Graphic Design
    Need a design? We will design your artwork for print or digital format (HTML included) @ R200 per hour
  4. Recording studio
    Maximum 2 persons
    Professional camera, lights, sound and greenscreen.
    Need a high-quality, quiet environment to record your presentation? Professionally equipped for 2-3 people, and available to any of our clients (if you require a sound engineer if will come with an additional charge).
    Full day hire @R325
  5. Studio on location
    We come to your office or boardroom, or out in the field, with a Zoom H6 and professional microphones.
    We record your story for post-production and publishing back at the studios. Think about how the location of a recording could add value to the conversation, or be a more efficient use of your time.
  6. Video recording and editing
    With StreamYard software, you can record up to 6 participants. Add you logo, branding, background, lower third titles. You can also choose to stream or send to any webinar platform.
    Pricing from R150 per hour

We use Planable:

Planable is the command center of social media campaigns trusted by agencies, freelancers, and marketing teams,that allows you to easily create and collaborate.See more intormation here and if you want to start using it, we would apprediate it if you use this the affiliate link